The following indicates the usual maximum fee charged for copywriting, for these items:

Item Fee Expected completion
Brochure (DL size, gatefold): $220 2 business days
Flyer (DL, 2-sided): $165 2 business days
Flyer (DL, 1-sided: $110 2 business days
Flyer (DL, 1-sided: $110 2 business days
Press Ad (any size): $110 1 business day
Magazine Ad (any size): $220 1-2 business days
Radio Ad: $110 1 business day
TV Ad: $440 1 business day
Blog (250 words): $110 1 business day
Blog (500 words): $220 1 business day
Website Content (per page): $110 1 business day/page
Website (“architecture”): $220 1-2 business days
Facebook Page: $220 1-2 business days
Facebook Ad: $55 1 business day
Google Ad: $55 1 business day

How do you get charged?

Chris charges an hourly rate, $110/h.**

However, the above list shows an indicative* maximum price for items
Chris can create for you.

*Sometimes, the cost is less, based on the
hourly rate.

*In rare instances the cost can exceed that indicated. (Imagine, for example, a highly technical topic which requires more than the usual amount of work). Don’t worry! If Chris assesses your project will take longer than usual, he will give you an accurate quote before you decide to go ahead.

**(All prices shown include gst)

Q. Can I negotiate lower prices?

A. Yes – If there is ongoing work. For example, if you’re a radio station, you could contract Chris by negotiation. If you are an IT company, you might negotiate a special rate for ongoing website work… Chris is always open to discussion so please ask.

How long does the job take?

You could expect a press ad or a Google or Facebook ad to be ready within 1-2 business days.

You could expect a website, with multiple pages and a content architecture guide, to be ready in about 1-2 business weeks.

How does it all work?

How do you go about hiring Chris?

Read the following example, to see what happens if you need the content for a new brochure?

Perhaps, at the moment, you only have a few rough notes, or a few pages of general information and really don’t know where to start.

Don’t panic.

Just let Chris know what you have in mind. Chris will then ask the right questions, to gather all the information he needs to create a fresh, effective brochure.

Within just a few days, you’ll see the draft brochure for your approval.

Perhaps it will be perfect! Or perhaps, looking at the draft, you might see some ideas of extra items you need mentioned.

In any case, you can easily discuss the project with Chris at this point and he will happily make any necessary changes.

Once you’re happy with the brochure, just say the word and the job is then considered complete, ready for you to send to the printer.

What will happen first

Chris will arrange an initial meeting with you, ideally by Skype or if you can’t, by phone. This will take from 30 to 60 minutes.

Chris will take this opportunity to ask a lot of questions, which will help him to gather all of the information required to write very effective copy for your required item.

Most importantly, Chris will uncover or help you establish a sound marketing strategy for the piece; which will make a strong foundation for the creative process; and guarantees that the finished work will meet your requirements.

Sounding good?

Please contact us now to discuss or get started with your project.